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May 01, 2019 1 year ago
CFP (Canada)
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I work in the area of financial life transformation.

But I used to build robots...

My original training was Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Spent eight years working variously in consulting, program and product management, engineering, operations and marketing. Worked at Microsoft, NVIDIA, and other tech companies in Silicon Valley before moving back to Canada.

It was a fun adventure and good money along the way. Much I joyfully gave to charities, but what I kept I invested, and ended up doing very well. 

But while I was seeing my wealth grow, I saw others around me lose to inflation. While I leveraged tips and tricks of personal finance for getting ahead, others experienced missed opportunities. While I had established strong financial foundations, others were building their houses on sand.

It seemed so wrong to me. So much more could be done. And should be done.

Optimization!  Said my engineering mind.

Stewardship.  Said my heart and my values.

So I resolved to help. 

This was the genesis of my entry into profession of financial planning and wealth management. Optimization and stewardship remain the essence of what I do.

I specialize in serving business owners and engineers because I am one myself. I help those who value planning but are overwhelmed by the choices, to get a handle on the structures and strategies needed to build and sustain financial health. I help those who value advice, and want a lasting relationship with a trusted advisor.

In addition, I teach and help CPAs / accountants to deliver more value to their clients by helping them become more proactive and holistic. My team works as an extension of the CPAs to offer more integrated and holistic planning than is possible for a CPA to do alone, expanding the brain-trust, and delivering better client outcomes than a traditional model of 'referring out'. 

Get more. Give more. Do what you love.  -- This is the philosophy of Mobius Planning.

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