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On the Move: Pandemics and Societies
The year 2020 was one of incredible global change. The coronavirus pandemic spilled over from a health challenge to a general crisis, affecting all areas of our lives. These pressures highlighted and accentuated social and financial disparities in our communities—exacerbating issues that existed long before COVID came around. Where do the mental and financial wellness of Canadians stand at this point? What impacts can we see from COVID and from these longstanding social inequalities? And what might we expect for the top and bottom arms of the K-shaped economic recovery?
Dr. Brooke Struck is Research Director at The Decision Lab, a Canadian social enterprise that uses behavioural science research and consulting to improve society. His favourite projects are with clients who have a stubborn problem that's worth solving and who are willing to collaborate intensively to achieve meaningful change. Using his signature critical style, Brooke unpacks the challenge to find out what's really at issue. From here, he draws on a rich, interdisciplinary background to develop solutions that actually work and that the client can realistically implement. His approach relies on strong relationships (with clients as well as a diverse network of experts) married with an unwavering focus on impact.

Some of his marquee projects with The Decision Lab have been the development of the behavioural curriculum for FP Canada, research with Capital One looking at the relationships between mental health and financial wellness, and several design initiatives with fintechs. Before joining TDL, Dr. Struck consulted in evidence-based policy and data-driven decisions, advising clients such as the European Commission, the US National Science Foundation, and the Government of Canada. He holds a PhD in the philosophy of science.
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