In order to fulfill its long term mandate, FPAC has committed to deploying and managing various initiatives with to goal of professionalizing the industry and improving the lives of Canadians. The following is a list of current and future initiatives that FPAC members have volunteered their time to bring to reality.

Current Initiatives

Regulatory Advocacy

The Regulatory Advocacy committee is tasked with the communication and lobbying efforts with Regulators, Governments, and Policy Makers in support of FPACs mission. 

Practice Management Portal (Under Construction)

FPAC's Best Practices Portal will be an online, curated site that will bring together the best policies and processes of its membership. The portal will cover everything from choosing and marketing to your target market, to delivering advice in an evidenced-based and fiduciary way. Comprehensive guidance, strategies, and templates for implementation will be provided.

Planning Portal (Under Construction)

The Planning Portal is a curated online resource that provides planners guidance and evidence for financial planning issues and concepts, supported by peer-reviewed empirical evidence and academic research. Part concept library, part online journal, part how-to guide, the goal is to make the Planning Portal the definitive source of how and when to implement planning strategies. 

Membership Development

The Membership Development Committee communicates association news to members, best practices for planning portal content as they are developed, facilitates networking and membership opportunities, and works to attract and retain new members.

Pro-bono Financial Planning

The Pro Bono Committee is tasked with developing content, training, tools, and opportunities for members to donate their time to to provide free advice to Canadians who would otherwise not have access to qualified advice.

Future Initiatives

  • Standards & Enforcement
  • Member Forums
  • Public Awareness
  • Startup ecosystem engagement
  • Mentorship 
  • Peer Study
  • Regional Groups
  • Continuing Education
  • Financial Literacy Curriculum
  • Professional Conferences