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Plan Well Guide: A novel tool to support advance serious illness planning
Dr. Daren Heyland is a Critical Care doctor and a Professor of Medicine at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He also serves as the Director of the Clinical Evaluation Research Unit at the Kingston General Hospital, which functions as a methods center for multicenter clinical research (See www.ceru.ca). 
For over a decade, Dr. Heyland chaired a multidisciplinary research group focused on developing and evaluating strategies to improve communication and decision-making at the end of life. The results of this research informed the development of two novel online decision support tools: www.planwellguide.com and www.myicuguide.com
Dr. Heyland’s current focus is disseminating awareness of these planning tools. His motto is “To live well, die well, you need to plan well!”
Preparing your clients for periods of incapacity with Dr. Daren Heyland and the Plan Well Guide
Are you interested in how to help your clients optimally prepare for future periods of incapacitation? 
Dr. Daren Heyland has studied medical decision-making for more than two decades, and has developed a free, online tool – www.planwellguide.com – that can help your clients better prepare themselves and their families for decision-making in the event of serious illness. 
Dr. Heyland will outline current problems with communication and decision-making during a serious illness, introduce you to the Plan Well Guide, and discuss how planning professionals can collaborate to produce better outcomes for clients.